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Coccolle Mydo blue

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Made of quality materials and rigorously tested for the protection given to newborns, the&...

Made of quality materials and rigorously tested for the protection given to newborns, the Coccolle Mydo car seat with Isofix offers a wide range of advantages.
     Equipped with isofix attachment points and top tether, the Coccolle Mydo car seat ensures maximum safety when traveling by car. The fixing is simple and intuitive, being an easy to use product. The 360-degree rotation function guarantees even more comfort for parents to use. The Coccolle Mydo also allows fastening in the car belts for cars that are not equipped with the isofix system.
Coccolle Mydo can be used with your back to the direction of travel up to 18 kg. All safety tests have shown that the position with the back to the direction of travel provides the highest degree of protection for babies and infants, ensuring the protection of the baby's spine, neck and head. For this product, the safety offered to the small passenger is also guaranteed by the 5 reclining positions on the back, ergonomic reducing cushion, adjustable headrest in multiple positions, 5-point seat belt and side impact protection.
Designed as a complex and multifunctional product, the Coccolle Mydo has 4 positions of inclination on the back even facing the direction of travel, 9 positions of adjustment of the headrest, 3 positions of adjustment of the seat belts and the possibility to remove them after the child passed the weight of 15 kg.
     The seat of the car seat is made of a hard plastic, reinforced with metal reinforcement points that have the role of ensuring the protection of the child in case of a possible impact.
 The side guards have a dual purpose: to protect in the event of an accident and the role of ventilation.
Remarkable for its high-quality textiles, the Coccolle Mydo will surely offer a high level of comfort without overheating and will guarantee ergonomics thanks to the carefully designed reducing cushion and newborn headrest. The ventilation slots in the side guards allow air circulation, and good quality materials ensure the passage of air through them - factors that make the use of the Mydo seat carefree.
Main features:
Designed for all ages: 0-36 kg;
Equipped with 360 degree rotation system;
Extended rear-facing: can be carried with the back to the direction of travel up to 18 kg;
Isofix / top tether anchorage or through the car belts;
Equipped with reducing pillow and headrest for newborns;
Maximum adjustability and comfort: 5 rear-facing positions, 4 forward-facing positions, 9 positions at the headrest, 3 positions at the seat belts;
High quality, durable materials;
Possibility of use without belts in group 2/3;
Equipped with double protection with side protection.

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