About us

VeloJan is the online and offline shop for bicycles, bicycle parts, bicycle repair services, children's tricycles, trotters, toys, toys, etc.

We always come to meet the needs of our customers with the most efficient ecomobility solutions! In our store you find a wide range of products that support a healthy lifestyle at the best price-quality ratio.

Our goal: Children's dreams to fulfill, Healthy mature to offer.


The intention of the company: to introduce into the blood of our clients the dose of health, relaxation and memories that we can get from a bicycle ride. By developing cycling we can contribute to the development of our country and culture.

The product of the company: Every child dreams of a small bicycle or a personal transport, every person wants to do sports but does not have much time or no power after a hard day of work. VeloJAN has the necessary product to solve the problems . The more citizens will go on the bicycle, the stronger we will influence the culture of our country. Taking into consideration that the bicycle is a healthy and environmentally friendly transport, everyone will get the money (the customer will save money on transport at least 50%, the city will be cleaner and fewer stamps will be created, more time will be spent quality together with the family taking a bike ride, the company will develop and improve the level of service, the volume of products and services).